Financial Calculator 4.2 released.

In this new version:

  • Issues with counters has been fixed.
  • Issues with setting windows has been fixed and now it opens immediately.
  • Limit of input data increased to 10,000 digits.

Watch the video of this program from here:


Financial Calculator 4.1 has been released.*7pVCSZKT4M13HmAyIX0eRw.png

Here is the improvement in this version:

  • Some major bugs in loan and some other minor bugs in other calculations fixed.

  • Program now shows not updated result in red color.

  • Output HTML file now could show all languages (UTF-8 fonts)

  • Better installation for Windows, but you have to install Java 8 or above to run this program.

You have to download and install Java 8 or above to run this program.*baJdrV5kNMYBROH6Mbol5w.png

Download links:

Setup file for Windows:

Jar file for all OS:

New version of Financial Calculator has been release


In new version:

  1. Auto correcting input data
  2. Grouping numbers
  3. Solving some bugs in “Dividing money” and “Phone” sections
  4. Choosing type of rounding numbers
  5. Input rate or interest in amount ($) or in percent (%) form in all sections
  6. Advanced database and ability for search and edit the items
  7. Saving reports in colorful shape with the same font size of program
  8. Appearance of program becomes better and like modern programs
  9. Section “Check for update” has been removed and that will be check automatically in every start of the program

Moreover, for the first time, you could download Windows version of this program, which does not need Java for running this program.










In 2016, new version of Financial Calculator will be release, which would be different version of that.

If you do not have the Financial Calculator, you could download it, from here:

In 2016, a new program about multiplayer chess will be release to help to give attraction to my programs!

Because I was busy to learn more about Java programming language, I could not release more programs, but that Financial Calculator downloaded about 6 times per day from 114 countries, which is very satisfied for me, especially when you consider that boring topic of that program!

Therefore, in 2016, beside Financial Calculator, you will see another program about chess and I hope that attract more people to download my programs!

Until next time, maybe these free programs would be very useful for you to have:

For repairing windows errors:

If you selected all check marks for repairing, it is better do not work by computer for about 90 minutes during repairing!)

For scaling and editing image files:

For scaling and editing video files:


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By help of menu bar or shortcut keys (for example, Ctrl + F in Windows), you could search for sound or video file suffix in it.

Usually, suffix of video files are mp4 and flv and suffix of sound files are mp3.

You could see the full list of all types of suffix files from this link:

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http:\/\/\/video\/file_lo .mp4

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http:// .mp4

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http:// .mp4

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By more study of the page source you could find out more information and use them next time. However, each web site has it’s style and methods. Some of them using the complicated methods to hide the download link and you have to use the special programs for downloading those files.

Financial Calculator 3.0 has been released

Financial Calculator 3.0 has been released

Main download link:

In this new version:
Some problems has been resolved, and also, program could run and load faster than before.
A serious problem in “Bank” part:
That problem was about number of days when that days were more than 30 and operation of deposits or withdraw was needed, program couldn’t calculate!
Some minor problems in “Colors” and “Update” has been solved too. Program always checks the latest version of this program when it starts and inform you if new version has been released.
Clear form has been improved and now it also clear the colors of the text boxes too.
Now databases only could save 1000 items to prevent slow loading.
When program cannot save the file in local disk, it prompts about these problems to user.
Because of these extra information, some changes requires if you’re using translated file. You have to change that translated file. However, these changes isn’t very much.

This program still uses the last version of Java and you should download and install the last version if you want to run this program.
Main web site of Java is this:

Publishers of Financial Calculator 2.3

Some publishers still declaring old description of Financial Calculator, but all of them have latest version of this program. By the way, some of them only presented it to some Operation systems like Windows, but this program could run in any computer device which have Java Run-time Environment (JRE) 1.8 (Java 8) or newer one.

Financial Calculator 2.3 has been released

My favorite number of version is round number like 2.0 , but because we are human, we made mistake!
And that’s why some other errors were exist in Financial Calculator!

There was some serious errors in calculations in “Bourse” and “Buy and sell” section and now those errors has been resolved.
I also changed the size of the input file for help to at most 500, to prevent slow loading. However, this program loads faster when has fewer data input.
A minor error was in “Colors” section which I fix it.
Now program don’t have any errors, but if you notice any other errors, tell me about it to fix it as soon as possible.
Make sure you using the latest version of this program:
Financial Calculator 2.3