Download video/sound from web sites

For downloading video files in the web sites, right click on the page and choose “View page source” and then search the download link inside that page.

In IE browser:

In Firefox browser:

In Google Chrome browser:

By help of menu bar or shortcut keys (for example, Ctrl + F in Windows), you could search for sound or video file suffix in it.

Usually, suffix of video files are mp4 and flv and suffix of sound files are mp3.

You could see the full list of all types of suffix files from this link:

After searching in page source, you could select your desirable download link and download that by a download manager program like .

However, some web sites changing the download link and you have to first change it to the normal shape and then download it.

For example, maybe a web site changed http:// part of the download link to http:\/\/ and you have to replace \/ with / to see the normal shape of the link.

For example, maybe a source code of a web site shows download link of a video file like this:

http:\/\/\/video\/file_lo .mp4

You have to first replace all \/ with / and then download link will be like this:

http:// .mp4

Now you could download file by this link.

Some web sites putting different quality of video files and you should consider your desirable quality to find desirable download link.

It’s very good habit to search multiple times in the page source of the web site to sure finding your desirable download link.

For example, a web site maybe have 3 download link like this:

http:// .mp4

http:// .mp4

http:// .mp4

Difference between these links are two letters in their ends just before the suffix of the file. Letters “lo” maybe indicate the low quality and “hi” maybe indicate the high quality.

By more study of the page source you could find out more information and use them next time. However, each web site has it’s style and methods. Some of them using the complicated methods to hide the download link and you have to use the special programs for downloading those files.


Financial Calculator has been updated to version 3.1

In this new version:

Some typos in “Commodity” part has been fixed.

Colors file will be renewed when program starts to prevent unnecessary information remain in that file.

Now, size of the program is the smallest size compare to all previous versions!

Financial Calculator 3.0 has been released

Financial Calculator 3.0 has been released

Main download link:

In this new version:
Some problems has been resolved, and also, program could run and load faster than before.
A serious problem in “Bank” part:
That problem was about number of days when that days were more than 30 and operation of deposits or withdraw was needed, program couldn’t calculate!
Some minor problems in “Colors” and “Update” has been solved too. Program always checks the latest version of this program when it starts and inform you if new version has been released.
Clear form has been improved and now it also clear the colors of the text boxes too.
Now databases only could save 1000 items to prevent slow loading.
When program cannot save the file in local disk, it prompts about these problems to user.
Because of these extra information, some changes requires if you’re using translated file. You have to change that translated file. However, these changes isn’t very much.

This program still uses the last version of Java and you should download and install the last version if you want to run this program.
Main web site of Java is this:

Publishers of Financial Calculator 2.3

Some publishers still declaring old description of Financial Calculator, but all of them have latest version of this program. By the way, some of them only presented it to some Operation systems like Windows, but this program could run in any computer device which have Java Run-time Environment (JRE) 1.8 (Java 8) or newer one.

Financial Calculator 2.3 has been released

My favorite number of version is round number like 2.0 , but because we are human, we made mistake!
And that’s why some other errors were exist in Financial Calculator!

There was some serious errors in calculations in “Bourse” and “Buy and sell” section and now those errors has been resolved.
I also changed the size of the input file for help to at most 500, to prevent slow loading. However, this program loads faster when has fewer data input.
A minor error was in “Colors” section which I fix it.
Now program don’t have any errors, but if you notice any other errors, tell me about it to fix it as soon as possible.
Make sure you using the latest version of this program:
Financial Calculator 2.3

Financial Calculator 2.0 has been released

New version of Financial Calculator has been released and you could download it from this link:

You could run this program from any computer device if had Java 1.8 (Java 8) or newer.

If you have Android or IOS or any modern operation systems, you could use emulators to run Java programs. For example, you could search the web for “Java Emulator”.

Main web site for downloading Java is this:

About Financial Calculator 2.0

This is a portable program for financial calculations and could run in any computer device in any resolution. You only need to install Java 1.8 (Java 8) or newer one.

By this program you could have a variety of financial calculations more accurate than normal programs.

This program shows large numbers without showing them in exponential form.

This program could translate into any language.

This program has two official languages (English and Persian) which you could use them for creating translated language file.

You could change the font and font size and select any of them which installed on your device.

All parts of the program could be customized to any color you want.

You could save the result of the calculation into the text file or save it into the database of the program which shows on top of the each section.

This program has 11 parts for 11 different financial calculations.


In this section, interest will be calculated during one month of the year.

Interest of the month will be calculate after all deposit and withdraw operations during the month.

If bank amount became less than minimum amount for receiving interest, interest of this month will be zero and you only have your final amount.

If you save the result of the calculation into the text file, you also see details of all operations and amount of each day too.


This section is simulation of buying and selling shares in stock market.

In this section you could calculate how many shares you could buy by your amount. You also see how much your profit is.

Commission has two types. One of them is in percent (%) and other one is in quantity ($). In quantity, always a fixed amount is the quantity of commission but in percent type, it depends on your amount.

Buy and sell:

In this section, you could calculate something like bourse section, but here you determine how many items you want to buy and sell. In this section you found out how much money you need to buy those items, but in bourse section, you don’t know how many items (shares) you could buy. You could use these two sections for knowing how many items you could buy or how much money you need to buy them.


In this section, you found out your commodity value with help of reference price of that commodity in the world.

If the reference price currency is different from your currency, you should know the price of that reference currency, but if your currency is the same as the reference currency, you only need to set the reference currency value to one (1) which shows your currency is equal to the reference currency.

For example, if you want to found out value of your gold coin, choose “Mass” from type of commodity and set the reference currency price and then set the price of reference Gold which is in base of one ounce for 24 Karat gold. However, if you want you could use other types of quality units (percent and per thousand) too. Then you could give your gold coin weight and quality of that to the program and calculate your gold coin value.

Dividing money:

This section helps you to divide the money between members of a group or multiple groups.

Usually there is only one group and you only want to determine the money of each person.


In this section, you could calculate the value of money in future periods. Value of the money in each year will be change depends on the inflation rate.

This section is also helpful for calculating the future amount of salaries which usually increase each year. For increasing the value of money, you should set a negative inflation rate.


In this section, you could calculate any interest calculation types by any kind of calendars. You only have to specify the number of time periods per year. These periods could be days or weeks or any other type of time. All calculations will be done similarly. For example, if you want to calculate the interest biweekly, set the number of weeks to 26 and then you could consider each week as two weeks, if your calendar has 52 weeks per year.


In this section, you could calculate your shortage or excess of consumption of your Internet bandwidth. You also could see these information in other units of Internet bandwidth you want.


In this section, you could calculate any necessary information about the loan. However, some calculations in this section cannot be done, because there is not essential formulas to calculating them. For example, in calculating interest rate, this program use the Newton method, which is the most accurate method, but sometimes this method cannot calculate the result. In such cases, program uses an approximate method (David Cantrell’s method).


In this section, you could calculate your shortage or excess of consumption of your phone time. You also could see these information in other units of phone time you want.


In all previous sections, tax never considered, but if you should pay tax in any financial affairs, you could calculate quantity of tax and final value of your property in this section.

Tax depends on your ownership which usually is 100%, but if you don’t own whole property, you could change it to something else. For example, if you own a property, but your ownership on that property is 50%, you only need to pay 50% of tax.