New version of Financial Calculator has been release


In new version:

  1. Auto correcting input data
  2. Grouping numbers
  3. Solving some bugs in “Dividing money” and “Phone” sections
  4. Choosing type of rounding numbers
  5. Input rate or interest in amount ($) or in percent (%) form in all sections
  6. Advanced database and ability for search and edit the items
  7. Saving reports in colorful shape with the same font size of program
  8. Appearance of program becomes better and like modern programs
  9. Section “Check for update” has been removed and that will be check automatically in every start of the program

Moreover, for the first time, you could download Windows version of this program, which does not need Java for running this program.








Financial Calculator has been updated to version 3.1

In this new version:

Some typos in “Commodity” part has been fixed.

Colors file will be renewed when program starts to prevent unnecessary information remain in that file.

Now, size of the program is the smallest size compare to all previous versions!